• USE CASE: Using Swarms of Mobile Robots in Smart Factories
    As part of the SMARTEDGE project, we are developing swarms of autonomous mobile robots and smart edge devices that can adapt themselves to dynamically changing environments while collaborating with each other to achieve common goals.
  • USE CASE: Revolutionizing Health Monitoring with IoT Swarms
    Imagine a nursing home where every resident has own personal intelligent health assistant that receives health data from cutting-edge wearable devices tracking health biomarkers, vital signs, physical activity 24/7. Interconnected to each other and facility system, these health assistants create a swarm providing comprehensive health assessment of many patients in real-time.  This project demonstrates that advanced health monitoring of individual and collective health status can help identify trends and problems

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  • USE CASE: Preventing Rear-End Collisions by Enhancing Road Intersection Safety
    Rear-end collisions are a major road safety problem, particularly at intersections with traffic lights. Using swarm intelligence, Aalto University and Conveqs Oy are introducing a new approach to tackle the problem through connected and cooperative traffic management that deploys the technologies provided by the SMARTEDGE project. It has been measured that around 30% of accidents at intersections with traffic lights are rear-end collisions. The dangerous moment comes when the green

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  • USE CASE: Low-Code and Edge Intelligence for Smart Factories
    By combining Low-Code and Edge Intelligence, manufacturing sites can establish and upgrade flexible production capabilities. This innovative approach empowers the industry to adapt quickly, achieve individualized production, and stay ahead in the evolving manufacturing landscape. The future of manufacturing is here with SMARTEDGE’s transformative technologies. In the future of manufacturing, the focus is shifting towards producing small series of highly individualized products, replacing large-scale specialized factories. To meet the challenges

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  • USE CASE: Cooperative Perception for Driving Assistance
    by Trung Kien Tran, Lead Scientist at Bosch Center for AI, Germany. In the rapidly evolving field of automated driving, the SMARTEDGE project is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies for test case generation. By integrating predefined knowledge with real-time traffic situations, SMARTEDGE aims to enhance the quality, completeness, and consistency of test cases. This blog post highlights the challenges of creating test cases for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

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