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EUCloudEdgeIoT webinar on 28 May 2024, 10:00-11:30am CET "Tackling the ever-increasing complexities of developing efficient heterogeneous swarm systems"Register to the “Tackling the ever-increasing complexities of developing efficient heterogeneous swarm systems“ webinar! On 28 May 2024, from 10:00 to 11:30 am CET.

EU-funded swarm computing projects (TaRDIS, OASEES, SmartEdge, OpenSwarm, INCODE) will exhibit their breakthroughs in distributed computing technologies and platforms, advances in the application of AI/ML concepts in the swarm technology, and more.

In edge computing scenarios where there is a need for decentralized decision-making and coordination among edge devices, swarm computing principles can be applied; such a decentralized and self-organizing concept and architecture fit particularly well hyper-distributed, sovereignty-enabling, heterogeneous data management challenges, such as the ones found in European Data Spaces. Additionally, edge devices can act as agents in a swarm, collectively making decisions and adapting to changing conditions without relying on a central controller.

In this session, we will bring together the 5 Horizon Europe projects answering to the swarm computing call and are addressing the ever-increasing complexities of developing correct and performant heterogeneous swarm systems.

The Programming Platform for Intelligent Collaborative Deployments over Heterogeneous Edge-IoTEnvironments (formerly INCODE) project offers a cloud-native programming platform for diverse edge environments, while TaRDIS simplifies developing heterogeneous swarms with an event-driven model. OASEES provides a decentralized Swarm framework for edge devices with AI accelerators, and OpenSwarm focuses on energy-efficient collaborative nodes. SmartEdge aims to enable decentralized intelligence in IoT applications, emphasizing reliability, security, and scalability.

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