The objective of the SMARTEDGE project is to enable the dynamic integration of decentralised edge intelligence at runtime while ensuring reliability, security, privacy and  calability. We will achieve this by enabling a semantic-based interplay of the edge devices of such systems via a cross-layer toolchain that facilitates the seamless and real-time  coverability and composability of autonomous intelligence swarms. Hence, an application can be freely built by distributing the processing, data fusion and control across heterogeneous sensors, devices and edges with ubiquitous low-latency connectivity.

The goal of this project is to develop a SMARTEDGE solution with a low-code tool programming environment with various tools:

  1. Continuous Semantic Integration (CSI);
  2. Dynamic Swarm Network (DSW);
  3. Low-code Toolchain for Edge Intelligence.

CSI allows the SMARTEDGE solution to interact with devices according to a (i) standardised semantic interface, via a (ii) continuous conversion process based on declarative mappings and scalable from edge to cloud, and (iii) providing a declarative approach for the creation and orchestration of apps based on swarm intelligence. DSW provides (i) automatic discovery and dynamic network swarm formation in near real time, (ii) hardware accelerated in-network operations for context-aware swarm networking, and (iii) embedded network security. The low-code tool chain provides (i) semantic-driven multimodal stream fusion for Edge devices; (ii) swarm elasticity via Edge-Cloud Interplay; (iii) adaptive coordination and optimization; (iv) cross-layer toolchain for Device-Edge-Cloud Continuum.

The SMARTEDGE solution will be comprehensively demonstrated over four application areas: automotive, city, factory and heath via the strong collaboration of eight industrial partners, Dell, Siemens, Bosch, IMC, Conveq, Cefriel and NVIDIA with eight research institutes.