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Open source software (GitHub repos)

    • Distributed In-Network Computing (DINC)
      DINC is a framework to provide automating distributed in-network computing services. This repository is the artifact for the paper “DINC: Toward Distributed In-Network Computing”  in ACM CoNEXT ’23.
    • P4Pir
      P4Pir is an in-network traffic analysis framework in IoT gateway, leveraging in-network ML inference for accurate detection and fast mitigation of emerging attacks.
    • Chimera
      Chimera is related to the publication “Composable Semantic Transformation Pipelines”. This is a component for the open-source Apache Camel.
    • Mapping-template
      A template-based component exploiting Apache Velocity to define declarative mappings for schema and data transformations.

Publications – Papers

The IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2024 – CVPR (17-21 June 2024, Seattle, US)

    • Efficiently Assemble Normalization Layers and Regularization for Federated Domain Generalization
      Authors: Le Huy Khiem, Long Tuan Ho, Cuong Do, Danh Le-Phuoc, Kok-Seng Wong

ESWC 2024 (26-30 May 2024, Hersonissos, Greece)

    • VisionKG: Unleashing the Power of Visual Datasets via Knowledge Graph
      Authors: Jicheng Yuan, Anh Le-Tuan, Manh Nguyen-Duc, Trung-Kien Tran, Manfred Hauswirth, Danh Le-Phuoc

CoNEXT 2023 (5-8 December 2023, Paris, France)

    • DINC: toward distributed in-network computing
      Authors: Changgang Zheng, Haoyue Tang, Mingyuan Zang, Xinpeng Hong, Aosong Feng, Leandros Tassiulas and Noa Zilberman

KGSWC-2023 (13-15 November 2023, Zaragoza, Spain)

    • Defeasible Reasoning with Knowledge Graphs
      Author: Dave Raggett (ERCIM/W3C)

International Conference on the Internet of Things (7-10 November 2023, Nagoya, Japan)

    • Building a P2P RDF Store for Edge Devices
      Authors: Xuanchi Guo, Anh Le-Tuan, Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)

International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2023) (6-10 November 2023, Athens, Greece)

    • Look beyond the Surface: A Demo for Explaining Knowledge Graph Embeddings and Entity Similarity
      Authors: Huu Tan Mai, Youmna Ismaeil, Trung-Kien Tran, Hendrik Bloeckeel, Daria Stepanova

32nd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (21-25 October 2023, Birmingham, UK)

    • Combining Inductive and Deductive Reasoning for Query Answering over Incomplete Knowledge Graphs
      Authors: M Andresel, TK Tran, C Domokos, P Minervini, D Stepanova

Cloud-Edge Continuum (CEC) Workshop 2023 (10 October 2023, Reykjavik, Iceland)

    • Semantic Programming for Device-Edge-Cloud Continuum
      Authors: Anh Le-Tuan, David Bowden, Danh Le-Phuoc

International Workshop on Explainable and Interpretable Machine Learning (XI-ML) (30 September 2023, Krakow, Poland)

    • Temporal Saliency Detection Towards Explainable Transformer-based Timeseries Forecasting
      Authors: Nghia Duong-Trung, Duc-Manh Nguyen and Danh Le-Phuoc

IEEE MetaCom 2023 (28 June 2023, Kyoto, Japan)

    • Metaverse Remote Rendering Testbed
      Authors: L. Bassbouss, A. Neparidze, K. Kieslich, S. Steglich, S. Arbanowski and P. Pogrzeba

IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR) (5-7 June 2023 (5-7 June 2023, Albuquerque, USA)

    • FTG-Net: Hierarchical Flow-to-Traffic Graph Neural Network for DDoS Attack Detection
      Authors: Luca Barsellotti, Lorenzo De Marinis, Filippo Cugini, Francesco Paolucci

ESWC 2023 industrial track (28 May-1 June 2023, Crete, Greece)

    • Addressing the Scalability Bottleneck of Semantic Technologies at Bosch
      Authors: Diego Rincon-Yanez, Mohamed H. Gad-Elrab, Daria Stepanova, Trung-Kien Tran, Cuong Chu Xuan, Baifan Zhou and Evgeny Kharlamov
    • Supplier Optimization at Bosch with Knowledge Graphs and Answer Set Programming
      Authors: Cuong Xuan Chu, Mohamed H. Gad-Elrab, Trung-Kien Tran, Marvin Schiller, Daria Stepanova and Evgeny Kharlamov.
    • Composable Semantic Data Transformation Pipelines with Chimera
      Authors: Marco Grassi, Mario Scrocca, Alessio Carenini, Marco Comerio and Irene Celino (Cefriel – Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy)

Publication – Poster

DEBS 2023 (27 June – 1 July 2023, Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

    • Agent-based Orchestration on a Swarm of Edge Devices
      Author: Banani Anuraj (HES-SO)

Publication – Master Thesis

    • Macroscopic Traffic Analysis and Validation of Vehicular Radar Data
      Author: Mounzer Awad
      Aalto University

Publications – Journals

49th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB) 2023

ACM SIGMOD/PODS International Conference on Management on Data 2023

 IEEE Transactions on Networking 2023

    • IIsy: Hybrid In-Network Classification Using Programmable Switches
      Authors: Zheng, Changgang; Xiong, Zhaoqi; T, Thanh Bui; Kaupmees, Siim; Bensoussane, Riyad; Bernabeu, Antoine; Vargaftik, Shay; Ben-Itzhak, Yaniv; Zilberman, Noa

IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2023

    • Towards Continuous Threat Defense: In-Network Traffic Analysis for IoT Gateways
      Authors: Mingyuan Zang (DTU), Changgang Zheng (U. of Oxford), Lars Dittmann (DTU) and Noa Zilberman (U. of Oxford)

Special Issue on Trends in Graph Data and Knowledge 2023


Connected Systems for an AI-enabled World (14 December 2023, London, UK)

    • Toward In-Network ML on Programmable Network Devices
      Authors: Noa Zilberman and Changgang Zheng (U. of Oxford)

Fast Machine Learning for Science (FastML) (25-28 September 2023, London, UK)

    • In network ML: Inference at the Speed of Data
      Authors: Noa Zilberman (U. of Oxford)

1st AIoTwin Summer School (4-8 August 2023, Šibenik, Croatia)

    • Knowledge Graphs in Building Perception Systems
      Author: Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)
      PDF slides

Summer school on AI for Industry 4.0 (14-28 July 2023, Saint-Etienne, France)

    • Knowledge Graphs in Building Perception Systems
      Author: Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)

9th International Summer School on AI and Big Data (3-7 July 2023,  Dresden, Germany)

    • Knowledge in Perception Systems
      Author: Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)

ETSI IoT Week (4-6 July 2023, Sophia Antipolis, France)

    • Cognitive control of swarms for the IoT computing continuum
      Author: Dave Raggett (ERCIM/W3C)
      PDF slides

ITCON 2023 (2-6 July 2023, Bucharest, Romania)

    • Network Programmability for Smart Factory Mobile Robotics: the SmartEdge Project Approach
      Authors: Piero Castoldi, Andrea Sgambelluri, Layal Ismail, Francesco Paolucci, Filippo Cugini and David Bowden

The Networking Channel (11 May 2023)

    • AI for networking, and networking for AI
      Panelist: Noa Zilberman (Oxford University)

Dagstuhl Seminar 23081 – Agents on the Web (19-24 February 2023, Dagstuhl, Germany)

    • Swarm Intelligence for Agents in Smart Edge Environments
      Author: Jean-Paul Calbimonte (HES-SO)


HIPEAC 2024 – ENHANCE workshop (17-19 Jan. 2024, Munich, Germany)

Stream Reasoning Workshop 2023 (4-6 December, Lyon, France)

    • Co-organizer: Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)

Cloud-Edge Continuum (CEC) Workshop 2023 (10 Oct 2023, Reykjavik, Iceland)

  • Semantic Programming for IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum
    Authors: Anh Le Tuan, Danh Le Phuoc (TU Berlin), David Bowden (Dell Technologies)
    Supported by EU Commission and Dell Technologies

LDAC2023 – 11th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop (15-16 June 2023, Matera, Italy)

    • Connect Sensors to Perception via Semantic Streams
      Author: Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)
      Keynote talk

KGCW’23: 4th International Workshop on Knowledge Graph Construction (28 May 2023, Crete, Greece)

    • Composable Semantic Data Transformation Pipelines with Chimera
      Authors: Marco Grassi, Mario Scrocca, Alessio Carenini, Marco Comerio and Irene Celino (Cefriel)

IFIP Networking 2023 – Sec4IoT workshop (12-15 June 2023, Barcelona, Spain)



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