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Publications – Accepted papers

CoNEXT 2023 (5-8 December 2023, Paris, France)

    • DINC: toward distributed in-network computing
      Authors: Changgang Zheng, Haoyue Tang, Mingyuan Zang, Xinpeng Hong, Aosong Feng, Leandros Tassiulas and Noa Zilberman

KGSWC-2023 (13-15 November 2023, Zaragoza, Spain)

    • Defeasible Reasoning with Knowledge Graphs
      Author: Dave Raggett (ERCIM/W3C)

International Conference on the Internet of Things (7-10 November 2023, Nagoya, Japan)

    • Building a P2P RDF Store for Edge Devices
      Authors: Xuanchi Guo, Anh Le-Tuan, Danh Le-Phuoc (TU Berlin)

Cloud-Edge Continuum (CEC) Workshop 2023 (10 October 2023, Reykjavik, Iceland)

    • Semantic Programming for Device-Edge-Cloud Continuum
      Authors: Anh Le-Tuan, David Bowden, Danh Le-Phuoc

International Workshop on Explainable and Interpretable Machine Learning (XI-ML) (30 September 2023, Krakow, Poland)

    • Temporal Saliency Detection Towards Explainable Transformer-based Timeseries Forecasting
      Authors: Nghia Duong-Trung, Duc-Manh Nguyen and Danh Le-Phuoc

VLDB 2023 (28 August-1 September 2023, Vancouver, Canada)

    • Databases on Modern Networks: A Decade of Research That Now Comes into Practice
      Authors: Alberto Lerner, Carsten Binnig, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Rana Hussein, Matthias Jasny, Theo Jepsen, Dan R. K. Ports, Lasse Thostrup, Tobias Ziegler
    • TSM-Bench: Benchmarking Time Series Database Systems for Monitoring Applications
      Authors: Abdelouahab Khelifati, Mourad Khayati, Anton Dignös, Djellel Difallah, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux

ESWC 2023 industrial track (28 May-1 June 2023, Crete, Greece)

    • Addressing the Scalability Bottleneck of Semantic Technologies at Bosch
      Authors: Diego Rincon-Yanez, Mohamed H. Gad-Elrab, Daria Stepanova, Trung-Kien Tran, Cuong Chu Xuan, Baifan Zhou and Evgeny Kharlamov
    • Supplier Optimization at Bosch with Knowledge Graphs and Answer Set Programming
      Authors: Cuong Xuan Chu, Mohamed H. Gad-Elrab, Trung-Kien Tran, Marvin Schiller, Daria Stepanova and Evgeny Kharlamov.

Publication – Master Thesis

    • Macroscopic Traffic Analysis and Validation of Vehicular Radar Data
      Author: Mounzer Awad
      Aalto University

Publication – Journal

IEEE Internet of Things Journal

    • Towards Continuous Threat Defense: In-Network Traffic Analysis for IoT Gateways
      Authors: Mingyuan Zang (DTU), Changgang Zheng (Oxford), Lars Dittmann (DTU) and Noa Zilberman (Oxford)


Fast Machine Learning for Science (FastML) (25-28 September 2023, London, UK)

    • In network ML: Inference at the Speed of Data
      Author: Noa Zilberman (U. of Oxford)

ETSI IoT Week (4-6 July 2023)

    • Cognitive control of swarms for the IoT computing continuum
      Author: Dave Raggett (ERCIM/W3C)
      PDF slides

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