Virtualization environment showcase of the Driving Assistance use case at the Media Web Symposium 2024

Demo of the virtualization environment showcase of Use Case 1, during the Media Web Symposium 2024During the FOKUS Media Web Symposium 2024, SmarEdge parners presented the enabling technology for the virtualization environment for “Cooperative perception for driving assistance” (Use Case #1), the edge rendering artifact.

By using edge rendering, compute-intensive 3D applications and Metaverse experiences can be accessed on nearly any device.

Even those with limited graphical processing capabilities, such as TVs, tablets, and smartphones, can easily handle high-quality Metaverse experiences. This is achieved by offloading the demanding 3D graphics processing to remote servers, which may be located on-premises, at the edge of a 5G network, or in the cloud. The rendered views are then streamed to end devices for display.

Also initial virtualization environments in the manufacturing and automotive areas were shown together with the integration of external sensors and actuators. Over the coming months, the integration of SmartEdge features will continue to demonstrate a complete virtual experience based on a digital twin, as well as semantically enhanced swarms of dynamic network.

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